lunes, octubre 30, 2006

El W.F.A (Factor de aceptación de la esposa)

Ya se que hablar de W.F.A. es hablar poco menos que en Chino, pero deberemos empezar a acostumbrarnos a él, ya que según publica David Carnoy en CNET, es un factor que con este u otros nombres, se tiene cada vez más en cuenta al diseñar un producto tecnológico. Incluso llega a decir que ya pertenece al propio A.D.N. del producto, es decir, no puede existir sin tenerle en cuenta.

Pero ¿que significa y en que se basa este WFA? Es algo tan simple como que si el esposo introduce un nuevo aparato de tecnología en el hogar, el producto tendrá aceptación o rechazo por parte de la esposa, es decir tendrá un alto o bajo WFA. A mayor WFA, mayor aceptación y menos riesgo de rechazo. Leamos sus propias palabras:

Today, WAF is one of those dirty little secrets of the electronics world, and it's both openly discussed and rarely talked about, because it's now integrated into the DNA of so many products. It's not always called WAF, because, after all, not everyone is married, but it's become fairly common practice for manufacturers to market electronics directly to women as they wink at men.
Incluso ha elaborado una lista con los 10 productos que más WFA tienen (los comentarios no tiene desperdicio, aunque algunos son un poco machistas):

1. Sony VPL-VW50

We loved the Sony VPL-VW100, but its high price tag ($9,000 list) hurt its WAF quotient. Now Sony's released the VPL-VW50, which costs nearly half the price ($5,000 list) and allegedly delivers much of the same performance.

2. Vizio P50HDTV 50-inch plasma

A decent performing 50-inch plasma for less than $2,000. Not a hard sell.

3. Sling Media Slingbox A/V

Tell your wife that when she goes on a business trip or takes a vacation, she'll be able to watch on her laptop all those Grey's Anatomy episodes she's got recorded on the DVR at home and it'll pay for the Slingbox right then and there. Just be sure she doesn't fire it up and change the channels from 1,000 miles away during Monday Night Football.

4. iPod 2GB Nano

No, the Nano isn't for you--the 80GB iPod with video is. But pick up the midcapacity Nano for the wife or girlfriend as you buy your 80GB video, and everybody's happy.

5. Sonos Digital Music System ZP80 bundle

The Sonos Digital Music System isn't cheap, but it's a lot less expensive than the types of high-end multiroom audio control systems that are the bread and butter of home installers. Now that Sonos has the Rhapsody music service and its thousands of songs built into the system (subscription required after the one-month trial ends), it's even simpler to use and remarkably WAF-friendly.

6. Yamaha YSP 800 Sound Projector

The perfect WAF-friendly speaker system really isn't a system at all. It's basically a speaker--as in one single speaker--and perhaps a subwoofer that can be hidden in a corner. This Yamaha's a good choice, and so, too, is the less expensive Sharp SD-SP10 (which includes the sub) if you can find it for sale anywhere.

7. Philips Digital Photo Display

Fact: Chicks dig digital photo frames, especially ones that look like iPods. Philips's 7-incher is closing in on $150, and the company has a new, larger 9-incher with an improved interface and features coming for the holidays. It'll retail for $250 but can probably be found for closer to $200. It's the perfect 21st-century way to share those memories.

8. Digital SLR camera

Quality sells, particularly when it comes to creating family memories. So you should have no trouble dropping a couple of grand on a dSLR and a few lenses. We like the Canon 30D and the Nikon D80, or if you want to save a few bucks, the Canon Rebel XT (in black) or the Pentax K100D.

9. Nintendo DS Lite

Now I'm not saying that I haven't seen women playing with Sony PSPs, but the DS is the more female-friendly platform. Why? Gals say it's the games. I say his-and-hers matching DS units means game on--which is better than game off.

10. Dual-tuner DVR

OK, the new TiVo Series3 is way overpriced. But whether you opt for it, the Dish Network ViP622, the DirecTV HR20, or one of the many "free" DVRs you can get from local cable operators around the country, just make sure it has dual tuners; that is, the ability to record two shows simultaneously. That feature has already saved more relationships than Dr. Phil.

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